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Joe RozsaAfter being asked by many people, we’ve finally decided that it was time to create and offer a comprehensive eCommerce training program for those who want to build or grow their Commerce business – perhaps to break free and work for themselves – and want to build a strong, sustainable eCommerce business to last them for many years.

There are many different courses that exist out there, but after researching it, none of them seem to have been created by someone who has actually been in eCommerce for 10 or 20 years, at large successful eCommerce companies that people have actually heard of.

Most of these courses were made by inexperienced folks who may be really nice and offer accurate information, but they are basically people who have simply read up on eCommerce themselves and decided to put that information into some type of training class.

However, these “coaches” could never answer your questions based on actual eCommerce experience.

Sadly, I’ve come across far too many of these people who are giving out terrible advice (including some recommending things that are actually ILLEGAL!).

Frustrated by the poor quality of what is out there today, and wanting to provide people with a better alternative, we decided that we need to do ourselves, offering you the best information based on experience and expertise from people who have done this for their entire professional life.

No other eCommerce training program in the world is based on 20+ years of actual, real-world experience in the eCommerce space, created by people who have led and worked with eCommerce brands such as Harley-Davidson, DSW, The Chive, Caterpillar, Mattel, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Campmor, Rooster Teeth and many more. We’ve worked in every single aspect of eCommerce. We’ve been there, and done that – and not just read about it or watched a video on it.

So what will be different?  For one thing, many of these eCommerce courses recommend starting a dropshipping site using products found on AliExpress.

That is the exact opposite of what you should be doing to create a successful, sustainable eCommerce business.

If you see an “expert” recommending dropshipping on AliExpress, that is the first sign that they do not have real eCommerce experience, and you should run – don’t walk – away from that program immediately.

After all, selling items that are already available to everyone, dropshipping them to customers directly from China, is a terrible customer experience in a highly competitive space where your chances of making any money are very slim. If you need more information on this, here’s why starting a dropshipping business is a waste of time.

We do NOT teach this model in our program at all, and I do NOT use this model for any of my own businesses.

Instead, I will share the best eCommerce business model for you, that will provide you with a lifetime of opportunity, with a much higher ceiling than you would get by selling the same cheap trinkets from China that 1000 other people are selling to the exact same audience.

We’re going to do exactly what we’ve done at places where we’ve built eCommerce businesses that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars.

Here is the outline of what our training program will look like, which includes 18 courses that will be introduced on a monthly basis beginning in May.

As you can see, this is very different from most courses that focus only on a certain part of the business (because what they are teaching isn’t an eCommerce business at all, but instead is essentially are high-level affiliate programs for dropshippers).


Getting Started

  • Selecting the Right eCommerce Business Model
  • Print on Demand eCommerce
  • Direct to Consumer (D2C) eCommerce
  • Building a Great Brand


Product Sourcing

  • Custom Product Manufacturing
  • Importing from International Sources
Understanding the Business
  • eCommerce Analytics with Google Analytics
Digital Marketing
  • eCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing – Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Influencer
  • Paid Search – Google AdWords, Retargeting, Amazon (A9 and Paid)
  • Email Marketing / Email Marketing Automation / Abandoned Cart Recovery
eCommerce Site Experience
  • Site Experience / Merchandising / Site Search
eCommerce Operations
  • eCommerce Taxes & Payment Processing
  • Inventory Planning
eCommerce Fulfillment
  • Setting Up a Warehouse & Shipping Your Own Products
  • Using / Managing a 3PL
Creating an Ideal Customer Experience
  • eCommerce Customer Care
  • Customer Experience Intangibles to Build a Great Brand

NO other training site offers such a comprehensive program to make sure that you understand EVERY aspect of eCommerce. No other program will prepare you for sustained growth and long-term success.

Compare this to any university eCommerce degree program and you will find NO better value for your overall personal growth and financial opportunity.

My goal is to share everything that I know and have learned over the past 20 years with you, so that you can build things like I’ve built and have career opportunities or entrepreneurial opportunities like I’ve had.

In full transparency, my current consulting billing rate is $200/hour.  The cost of lifetime access to this comprehensive eCommerce training program is equivalent to what companies pay for one day of my expertise, with one year access being less than that!

In person and group training is also available anywhere in the world – please contact me for details and pricing if interested.

  • One Year Full Access to All Training Courses
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  • Monthly newsletter that contains advice, pointers, discounts and more.


  • Lifetime Access to All eCommerce Training!
  • Full Access to eCommerce Blog Premium Content
  • Full Access to all eCommerce Forums
  • Monthly newsletter that contains advice, pointers, discounts and more.

*Lifetime Access Offered for Limited Time Only*

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