Ultimate eCommerce Dropshipping Guide – The Truth About Dropshipping from China

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As your trusted source of all things eCommerce, we want to have an honest conversation with you that explains all eCommerce business models so that you know from the beginning, which eCommerce model is best for you.

We won’t be talking much about the AliExpress / dropshipping from China model on this site, as it is not a way to build a sustainable and profitable eCommerce business that has strong margins and becomes a valuable asset for you.

We have, however, created three articles that explain everything you need to know to understand the truth about dropshipping from China.  We’ve conveniently listed these three articles below so that you can read them in order and at your own pace, to understand the pitfalls and problems that come with this business model.  We hope you find them to be an informative learning tool to help you on your eCommerce journey, and we look forward to having you with us to learn everything there is to know about eCommerce!

Part 1 – 9 Best eCommerce Business Models (and 1 that sucks)

Part 2 – Why Starting a Dropshipping Business is a Waste of Time

Part 3 – 9 Reasons Why Dropshipping from China is a Bad Idea

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9 Best eCommerce Business Models (and 1 That Sucks)

This article is to help you learn the 9 Best eCommerce Business Models and the one that is a complete waste of your valuable time.

After 20 years of being in the eCommerce industry, I’ve seen and done what feels like everything possible. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of eCommerce.  I’ve been a part of incredible teams with incredibly smart people, and I’ve worked with and mentored very junior people that still had a lot to learn.

I’ve started multiple businesses of my own and have worked with many passionate people who launched their own businesses. I’ve worked my way up from being a 22-year-old kid in 1997, knowing nothing at all about eCommerce, to someone who busted his ass off and found a way into $200k+ per year jobs leading eCommerce businesses for some of the most popular brands in the world and consulting for others at rates of hundreds of dollars an hour.

Now I’m here to help you do the same and learn the things that took me two decades […]

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Why Starting a Dropshipping Business is a Waste of Time

This is part one of a two-part series on why Dropshipping is a Waste of Time.

For many of you, if you’ve been thinking about starting a business recently, or selling online, then certainly you’ve been inundated by numerous ads and people pitching dropshipping courses.

In fact, the first time you searched Google, Youtube or Facebook for a phrase such as “start an eCommerce business”, you instantly became an ad target of people, perhaps claiming to be successful store owners themselves, trying to reach out to help you start a dropshipping business, promoting this type of business model in some form or another.

And if you’re a beginner who is looking to learn the best way to start an eCommerce business and have success long term, then perhaps some of these ads and testimonials were appealing to you.

Maybe you found these “gurus” on social media while researching drop shippers (and the photos of their Lamborghinis that always seem to be attached to them).

At a minimum, you are doing your due diligence to learn as […]

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9 Reasons Why Dropshipping from China is a Bad Idea

Thanks for joining us on the Launch Commerce Ultimate eCommerce Blog.  In this article, we’re going to discuss 9 Reasons Why Dropshipping from China is a Bad Idea.

As promised, these two posts are the only two posts that will ever be on the Ultimate eCommerce blog talking about dropshipping from China.

But we wanted to give people the truth about this flawed eCommerce business model. And in fact, we have 9 reasons as such to cover in today’s episode so we’ll jump right into it.

1. Too Much Competition – I’ll be the first to tell you to never to be afraid of competition.  In fact, competition means that you are in a healthy industry and you actually WANT competition in your industry.

But that is when you have something of your own and are able to control your own fate with a superior product or service or something that you can’t have when you’re shipping someone else’s products from China.

I’ve already discussed this one quite a bit with the examples in the previous […]

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