The Truth about Dropshipping from China

It is easy to be confused by all of the “experts” who try to tell you that dropshipping from China is a good way to get started in eCommerce.

But as your trusted source of all things eCommerce – who isn’t trying to get you to buy a course of any kind – I think it is important for you to learn about ALL eCommerce business models, so that you can learn everything you need to know in order to be successful.

We don’t talk much about the AliExpress / “dropshipping from China” model much on this site, as it is 100% NOT the way to build a sustainable and profitable eCommerce business.

But instead of just telling you dropshipping is bad, I want to educate you with these three articles that explain everything you need to know in order to understand the truth about dropshipping from China. So the next time you see one of these phony course sellers trying to convince you that overnight riches can be had if you just follow their guidance, you will know better.

These three articles below will help you avoid the pitfalls and problems that inevitably will always come with the Ali Express dropshipping business model.

I  hope you find them to be informative as you continue on your eCommerce journey, and I look forward to helping you learn everything there is to know about eCommerce and digital marketing!


Part 1 – 9 Best eCommerce Business Models (and 1 that sucks)

Part 2 – Why Starting a Dropshipping Business is a Waste of Time

Part 3 – 9 Reasons Why Dropshipping from China is a Bad Idea


If you have any questions on any of the articles, just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to respond!

I’ve been in the eCommerce world for over 22 years now. I’ve launched everything from to the eCommerce store for Harley-Davidson, was VP of eCommerce for the Chive, and most recently launched a brand that sells the most stable yoga paddleboard in the world. I’ve become a bit of a trusted source for people to go to, and I truly enjoy helping people like you understand what you can actually use to get started with a digital business of your own.

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