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 A common question that people ask us is how does Launch Commerce make money?

We’re all about the multiple streams of revenue model, so there are actually a lot of different ways that we generate revenue from the model that we use.

What are the subscription models for Launch Commerce?

When you are trying to grow your eCommerce, you often don’t have a large budget to spend on tools and training. But those are also two of the most important things to ensure your success.  We try to be a resource of training, guidance, strategy and support for you to make sure that you have those resources available to you.

We started Launch Commerce in 2014 primarily as a consulting business, working with customers large and small, usually for hourly rates. And though we still work with many clients that way, we also want to help new and small businesses compete with the big dogs by giving you the resources that you need to make that a reality.

Simply put, our goal for Launch Commerce is to give you the tools and resources that we’ve accumulated over our 20 years of eCommerce experience.  We have a few different types of subscription models, each of which provide slightly different opportunities for you.

Our Ultimate eCommerce Group is limited to a select few people who want to learn everything there is to know about ecommerce, but also to help us form our training programs and to provide feedback to us.  Lifetime membership to this group provides full access to everything we’ll ever do – premium content, podcasts, seminars, training, and even VIP access to our annual Ultimate eCommerce Conference.  Members pay a 1 time fee of $1,000 and have the option of regular mentoring and partnership by committing to a 2% revenue share of their ecommerce business.

We also offer content level subscriptions to read and have access to premium content and tools on the site, as well as training products such as individual courses, tools, PDF ebooks, and apps/plugins for software platforms such as Shopify and WordPress.

How Is Launch Commerce Funded?

We have always believed in being honest and transparent with our audience and customers. We’re happy to tell you exactly how things are, and we trust that you understand and are willing to support our business model.

Running a popular website like Launch Commerce, that helps thousands of people, every month, requires significant investment of time and money to create content and also to support the technology infrastructure. Supporting us with subscriptions and product sales helps us do more provide more value to our visitors.

For those new, we should share that we’re also a very philanthropic business.  Whether we’re having a Habitat for Humanity event (you’re welcome to join us!) or organizing a group of people to go to Puerto Rico to help hurricane victims, our number one priority is to help others and make the world a better place.  Our guiding principle is to Leave Your Mark on the world, and supporting our business allows us to make a difference in the world by helping those who could use a hand.

That’s the reason why our founder started the company, and it will ALWAYS be the most important thing to our business.

Our Products

We have many products in the works and on the whiteboard that are soon to be premium Shopify apps and WordPress plugins that do the things that we know help businesses run a profitable eCommerce business.

When you subscribe to any of our membership levels, it helps us fund that development to make things happen faster. And by buying one plugin, you’re helping develop the next one.

Referral Fees

We sometimes earn referral fees when you buy products and services from companies that we recommend.

That being said, we ONLY recommend products that we use ourselves and that we know will add value to our readers. We use all products that we recommend. All opinions are our own, and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

This commission based payment method is called affiliate marketing. The biggest brands on the internet offer affiliate programs such as Amazon, eBay, Google, etc. Many of your favorite sites use affiliate marketing to pay the bills.

Sometimes you will see banner ads, and other times, you will see a special link unique to each website that track referrals such as:


When you click on these links, you are tagged with a special cookie to track the referral. If you end up buying the product, then that company pays us a referral fee. The referral fees vary for each product.

Question #1 – Does using this link cost me more money?

NO – absolutely not.  And in most cases, we’ve been able to partner with these companies where it will actually save you money to use our link.

Because Launch Commerce is such a trusted source, a lot of partners offer our readers exclusive discounts.

Question #2 – Do you see my personal details when I use this link?

Nope. We don’t see anything about you at all, and wouldn’t even know you used it unless you tell us.

The only thing we see is that an anonymous user made a purchase, when they did it and which product they bought.

How can you help Launch Commerce grow?

We really appreciate everything about our customers and readers, and we hope we’ve helped you in some way along your journey.

If you’d really like to help us continue to do what we do, below are few ways you can help us:

  • Subscribe or purchase our training or content memberships. And if the Ultimate eCommerce Group has an opening, jump on it!
  • If you’re thinking of buying a product that we recommend, then please buy it using a Launch Commerce referral link.
  • If you’re using a product that we recommend, then please leave your review in the comments to help others.
  • Spread the word by sharing our Ultimate eCommerce articles with friends and business associates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Why should you support us?

There are several so-called “experts” selling eCommerce training to people for thousands of dollars – and most of it is based on really bad e-commerce business models such as dropshipping from AliExpress, etc. We’ve even come across some people whose “training” includes unethical and even illegal steps that would land students in a world of trouble. We want to teach people the RIGHT way to build a profitable and sustainable eCommerce business, taught by someone with as much real-world experience as anyone out there.

There are also tons of bloggers that write fake positive reviews without ever testing the product/service only because they want to make a quick referral fee. That kind of thing is very disappointing for us to see. We want to be your trusted resource to get an honest opinion on anything eCommerce.  If it isn’t listed on our site yet, just ask us.  We’ll be happy to let you know our opinion based on our experience.

If you’ve found Launch Commerce to be helpful, then we hope that you will help support us so we can continue working towards our mission.

Thank you for support.

Joe Rozsa
Founder of Launch Commerce


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