Facebook Ads Training Course / Lab Miami

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Includes everything:
Day 1: Intro To Facebook Ads Pre-Workshop for Beginners
Day 2-4: 3-Day Facebook Ads Immersive Training Bootcamp
Day 5: Hands-On Facebook Ads Building Lab w/Coaching

Facebook Ads Training Course / Lab

We’re bringing the Ultimate Facebook Ads Training Program to sunny Miami for one entire week!

This Facebook Advertising course is for marketers of all experience levels, whether you have ever run a Facebook Ad or if you are just beginning.

Monday (Day 1) is for beginners with little to no experience with Facebook Advertising or digital marketing, and is for those who have not yet run Facebook Ads (or for those who have, but not yet found success with them).  The Facebook Ads Pre-Bootcamp Workshop will teach you everything that you need to know to understand and build profitable Facebook Ads.  More importantly, it will prepare you for the rest of the week where you will learn to become an expert in Facebook Advertising.

Whether you run marketing for an eCommerce store, are a small team running a local business, or a one-person show selling an information product online, we will teach you how to use Facebook and Instagram to reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right message, to profitably grow your business.

Tuesday thru Thursday is the official Facebook Ads Immersive Bootcamp and will give you a step by step approach of planning, targeting and delivering best practices and intermediate/advanced strategies for Facebook ads.

Friday will be an optional hands-on Facebook Advertising Lab where you will work on your own Facebook Ads, implementing the knowledge gained from the week with the benefit of 1-on-1 coaching and advice from your trainer, Joe Rozsa (20+ years experience in digital marketing, founder of Launch Commerce, and Facebook Advertising expert).

This is the training that you need to make your business truly take off, and delivered right before the holiday season will have a focus to help your business take advantage of the most important time of year for your business.

Due to Limited Space, the Facebook Ads Training Course will be limited to 36 people only.

Spots Are Filling Up!

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*Special rates of $229/night are available at the Conrad Miami for those traveling to South Florida for this training*

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Day 1 - Monday - Pre-Bootcamp Beginner Workshop

  • Introduction to Facebook Ads (Overview & Terminology)
  • How Can Facebook Ads Work For You?
  • How to Reach the Right Audience
    • Laser Targeting of Your Exact Customer
      • Location, Gender, Age, Interests, Behaviors, and more
  • What is the Facebook Pixel?
  • Where Can Facebook Ads Be Displayed?
    • Yes, this is also an Instagram Ads Course
  • What Is Your Goal?  Facebook Ad Objectives Breakdown
  • How Does Facebook Ads Pricing Work?
    • Understanding Costs and How to Budget
  • What Should My Ad Look Like?
    • Images, Carousels, Posts, Video, etc
    • Ad Creative Best Practices
    • Text Usage Rules
    • Facebook Ad Policy Overview
  • How to Manage Your Ads
    • Test, Test, and Test Some More
    • Set It and Forget It – The 100% Surefire Way To Fail
  • How to Measure Results?
    • Facebook Ads Performance Reporting
      • What Are The Most Important Things to Monitor?
    • Google Analytics
      • Why GA is Critical to Your Facebook Success
    • What is Attribution?
  • Getting Started
    • Business Manager vs Personal Ad Account
    • Setting Up Business Manager
  • Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads Overview
  • Homework

Monday Evening Welcome Dinner & Networking Event

Day 2 - Tuesday - Facebook Ads Training Bootcamp

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
    • Business Manager vs Personal Ad Account
    • Setting Up Business Manager
  • Planning Your Facebook Ads
    • Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
    • What Is Your Overall Goal?  What Determines Success For You?
    • Tip: The VERY LAST STEP is Going to Ads Manager
  • Introducing the SECTR method
  • Step by Step Ads Creation Planning Process
    • Start With the 5 W’s (and an H)
      • Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How?
    • Identifying Your Customer / Journey / Funnel
    • Determine Your Objective?
      • Types of Objectives Available
      • When to Use Each One
    • How Does Each Objective Help You Reach Your Overall Goal?
      • Mapping Your Customer Journey to Your Objectives
    • Who Should See My Ads?
      • Mapping Your Objectives to Your Audience
        • New Audience
        • Saved Audience
        • Lookalike Audience
        • Custom Audience
          • Current Customers
          • Qualified Audience (Re-Targeting)
  • Advance Your Customer Through Their Journey (Retargeting)
  • Test, Scale, Succeed, Repeat

VIP Dinner / Q&A

Day 3 - Wednesday - Facebook Ads Training Bootcamp

  • Business Manager Settings
  • Ads Manager
  • Account Overview
  • Ad Accounts
  • Campaigns  (Goals & Objectives)
    • Campaign Set Up Best Practices
      • Campaign Type Explanation By Objective
      • Date Ranging Campaigns
      • Campaign Naming Convention
    • Mapping Campaigns Back to Customer Journey
    • Split Testing
  • Ad Sets (Who Sees Your Ads)
    • How Ad Sets (& Ads) Differ Depending on Campaign Objective
    • Digging into Audiences
      • Location, Age, Gender
      • Detailed Targeting
        • Demographics
        • Interests
        • Behaviors
        • How Accurate Are These?
      • Audience Expansion vs Audience Exclusion
      • Connections
    • Selecting the Proper Placements
      • Best Placements For Your Goal (Awareness, Conversion, etc)
      • Messenger Ads
  • Products & Offers
  • Budget & Schedule
    • Daily vs Lifetime
    • Optimization for Ad Delivery
  • Bid Strategies
  • Audience Research
    • Audience Insights
    • Competitor Analysis
  • Automated Rules – 6 Automated Rules You Need To Use
  • Test & Learn Tool
  • Ads
    • Audience Consideration
    • Do You Know How To Connect With Your Audience?
      • If not 100% sure, then TEST your ad creative
    • Selecting the Right Ad Type
      • Image Ads
      • Video Ads
      • Slideshow Ads
      • Collection / Product Ads (DPA)
      • Carousel
      • Canvas / Full Screen Ads
      • Lead Generation
      • Event Responses
    • Finding Inspiration


DINNER & SPECIAL EVENT IN MIAMI  (Halloween Night in Miami!)

Day 4 - Thursday - Facebook Ads Training Bootcamp

  • Why Aren’t My Ads Converting?
    • Many Reasons Why Ads Don’t Convert
    • Understand the Role of Advertising
    • Serve No Wine Before Its Time
      • If your site / product / etc sucks, don’t spend money on ads yet
  • Customer Experience Optimization
    • Landing Pages
    • Messaging / Voice
    • Consistency
    • Value
    • Page Speed
    • Product
    • Description
    • Imagery
    • Price
    • Shipping
  • Conversion Tracking
    • Installing Facebook Pixel on WordPress and Shopify
    • Pixel Testing
    • Custom Conversions
  • Facebook Reporting
  • Understanding the Platform and Facebook Nuances
    • Facebook Algorithm
  • What is the Facebook Auction and How Do I Win?
    • Bidding Factors
  • Understanding Pricing and Key Performance Indicators
  • Facebook Ad Policy
  • How to Get a Facebook Rep
  • Advancing / Qualifying Your Customers
    • Retargeting
      • Dynamic Product Retargeting
      • Be Aware Of Changing Objectives
        • Retargeted traffic has already visited / engaged / converted
      • Journey Aware Messaging – Do You Know Who I Am?
  • Popular Ad Campaign Strategies
  • Kill the Losers
    • When Is The Right Time To Pull The Plug?
  • Scaling the Winners
    • Spend Money to Make Money
    • How to Scale Properly and Efficiently
  • Let’s Create Some Ads!
VIP Dinner / Q&A

Day 5 - Facebook Ads Training Bootcamp - OPTIONAL LAB DAY - Put Your New Skills To Use

  • Questions & Review
  • Lab Time – Create Your Plan, Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads w/ Coaching and Advice
  • This day is entirely optional (but strongly recommended) – if traveling to Miami from out of town, you can book your return flight at any time you would like, but we will available in the lab until 4pm.

Traveling to Miami?

We have secured incredible special pricing of $229/night at the beautiful Conrad Miami, so that you can conveniently stay at the same hotel as the training class and stay right on the water!

Sending a Team?

We offer special pricing for groups of 3 or more, so you can send your entire team and save! Contact Us for more details!

Want to upgrade to the VIP Package?

Looking to get the most out of your week with more personal coaching and Q&A time?  We offer 4 VIP spots to provide exactly that!

VIP Package Includes:

  • Reserved front row seating at the training class.
  • Private table for 5 dinner/outing with Joe after the conclusion of Tuesday and Thursday training session, perfect for asking those more complex questions or to learn advanced budgeting and bidding strategies.
  • 2 hours of post-training 1 on 1 coaching with Joe to be scheduled within 30 days of completion of class.
  • Special VIP gift


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