Hello… My name is Joe Rozsa, and I would like to share with you my 10 best digital marketing tips for small and medium sized businesses, perfected during my 21+ years in the industry.

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Top 10 Marketing Tips For Your Local Business

  1. Don’t try to be everywhere
    1. Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat… 
    2. Pick one that works best for you, and do it well.

  2. Figure out which platform your customers are most likely to be using, and go there. How do you figure it out?  Ask yourself these questions…
    1. Do your customers need you right now? Intent based searching – Google   
    2. Would your customers like to have your service, but it’s not really urgent?  Interest based – Facebook (if they’re over 30), Instagram (if under 35)
    3. Are your customers primarily other businesses (B2B)?  LinkedIn
    4. High School & College aged (under 25) – Snapchat

  3. Trust Means Everything
    1. A bad website can actually do more damage for your business than not having one at all
      1. Restaurants that don’t have menus (bonus points for photos and description of items)
      2. Sites that are slow (3 seconds and people are leaving)
      3. Sites that don’t load properly on a phone
      4. Site looks like it’s from 1997
      5. No contact information – Can I email you through your site?  Buy or book online?
    2. Display reviews, testimonials, guarantees, partnership badges
    3. Ask yourself if you would shop at your website? Does your site answer the questions a customer would ask?

  4. Paid Ads on Social (don’t just boost posts)
    1. 68% of U.S. adults have Facebook accounts.  Of those that aren’t, 25% of those people live with someone who does (and uses their account to look at content). 
    2. 51% of adults in the U.S. are on Facebook multiple times per day.
    3. Just because you have a young person on your staff (or in the family) doesn’t mean they should be handling your company’s digital marketing. Using social media does not make you a social media marketer. I see this a lot. And I mean A LOT
    4. Choose someone ambitious for the role, train them and invest in them to keep them (or hire an agency as a short term solution). This may be the most important role in the entire company – IF your business relies on customers to generate their sales. A great business will fail with poor or no marketing.

  5. Email lists for the win
    1. Facebook & Instagram fans – 2%-3% organic reach (aka ‘for free’) because Facebook still owns the platform, even if it is ‘your’ page and ‘your’ followers
    2. SEO – Can be very competitive for many keywords, Google can change rules any time – because it’s their platform
    3. Email is still highest converting digital channel, because the customers already opted in to you – and you own the list

  6. Video is where it’s at

    1. Doesn’t have to be overproduced
    2. Be authentic (behind the scenes of a typical day, how to make your product, etc)
    3. DO NOT make it like a TV commercial – nobody wants to watch a commercial

  7. Good ads start with good creative and a good offer

    1. Use photos with happy people using your product / service
    2. No stock photos
    3. Explain what you have to offer and why it solves the customer’s problem
    4. Include a ‘Call to Action’ – ‘Click Here’, ‘Get Started’, ‘Book Online’, ‘Order Now’, etc

  8. Custom Audiences are key on paid social marketing

    1. You can use your email list to market to your customers on Facebook
    2. You can create lookalike audiences of people that are most like your customers
    3. You can create re-targeting audiences of people that have shown some interest in your business (liked your photo, watched your video, commented on a post, or visited your website – *if you have the Facebook pixel installed)

  9. Measure Everything
    1. Social platforms can track ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) so that you know how much you’re getting back from every dollar you are spending
    2. Install and review Google Analytics on your website – it will tell you a lot about your customers such as how they are finding you, where they are located, and what they are doing on your site (if anything)

  10. Marketing is not an expense

    1. If done properly, money spend on your social media marketing should be bringing in more money to your business than you’re spending
    2. When this happens, you should scale / spend more on marketing until you have the most number of customers that you can handle, or until you start to get diminishing returns on your ad spend. 
    3. NEVER should marketing be considered an expense that brings nothing back to your business, and since you can track revenue from this marketing, you will know exactly how much you can and should be spending on yours

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