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Ambition is probably my favorite word.
It’s one of those traits that you either have, or you don’t. It’s all or nothing.
Nobody can be ‘just a little ambitious’, and nobody can ever learn to become ambitious.

You either are ambitious, or you aren’t.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve met many entrepreneurs who definitely have the ambition trait.

Some of them started their journey into eCommerce, but were misguided by shady “fake experts” that steered them wrong – or worse – convinced them that dropshipping from Ali Express was an overnight get rich quick scheme.

It bothered me that people who don’t yet know any better, don’t really know who they can trust to guide them.

So I decided to start a community of my own for people that want to build a real eCommerce business – the right way – and learn from a real eCommerce professional with over 22 years of industry experience.

I knew there was a need for someone who is an actual, experienced eCommerce professional.

A Do Ru, in a world of gurus.

My name is Joe Rozsa, and I’ve been an eCommerce and digital marketing professional since 1997.

I’ve personally been tasked with launching, leading or consulting for some of the biggest and most well-known  eCommerce brands in the world – companies such as Harley-Davidson, DSW, Calvin Klein, American Girl, Mattel, Barbie, Tommy Hilfiger, Caterpillar, Organifi, CLEAN Cause, Costa sunglasses, and the Chive – brands you’ve heard of and likely even shopped before.
Frankly, there aren’t many people in the world who have more experience in eCommerce than I do.

The industry has been very good to me in my career, and now I want to create a way to help others by sharing my experience and expertise, and the real and honest truth about starting your own online business.

I would like to welcome you to our exclusive private group…

The Ultimate eCommerce™ Premium Community

This exclusive program includes private access here on this site to videos and members-only content, and a private Facebook group with myself, fellow members and some of the brightest and most successful proven eCommerce professionals in the world who have been hand selected because of actual eCommerce experience, who collectively answer all of your questions, regardless of where you are in your journey.
This group is for those that want to learn what it takes to truly be successful in eCommerce, led by a guy who’s been doing exactly that spanning four decades now.

Because this is a private group, there are no nonsense posts and there is no spam.

The group is steered to your needs.  Despite not being a course, there are tutorial videos included based on relevant topics and , typically based on questions from the group members.

In fact, I am even building a new eCommerce brand – from scratch – and documenting the entire process, from Shopify to print on demand to marketing and beyond – all on video shared with the group that you can access at any time!

I am very transparent and show you every single step in the process.

I also provide regular ‘Torch It Tuesday’ site reviews for members, and offer regular ‘Rapid Fire Friday’ Q&A sessions.

But most importantly, I am available and accessible to everyone in the group, every single day.

You essentially get unlimited real time access to a 20+ year eCommerce professional for an entire month – all for less than $30. 

I insist on keeping this group accessible and affordable to everyone, with the minimal cost only in place to ensure we have people who are ambitious enough to commit to their own success. This keeps the quality of the group high, and makes the benefit even better for you. 

And for those that actually read this text, once you’re in the group and make a couple of posts, so that we discover that you are a real person looking for eCommerce help (a contributor and not a spammer), we actually refund your membership fee and never charge you again. We don’t need your money. We just help to be a source for legit eCommerce advice and to avoid the scams and con artists out there. The initial fee is how we keep those people out of the group. 

Unlimited Access to eCommerce & Digital Marketing Experts for Less than $30/month!

There is no long term commitment, and you can cancel anytime through the admin section of this site. No calling people, or trying to find some buried cancellation process. We make it easy, but we believe you will want to stay.


$29.99per month
  • Private Facebook Group
    Private Facebook Available for Active Members Only
  • Unlimited Q&A with 20+ year eCommerce & digital marketing professional, Joe Rozsa
    Private Facebook Available for Active Members Only
  • Step by Step Brand Building Guidelines - The Building of Ambition Boss
    Private Facebook Available for Active Members Only
  • eCommerce Site Review Videos
  • Regular Live Video Q&A Sessions

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