Welcome to Launch Commerce

Welcome to Launch Commerce



Thank you for checking out the new Launch Commerce.  We have some very ambitious goals for our eCommerce community, and this post unofficially gets things under way with the first steps toward accomplishing those goals.

My goal, simply put, is for this site to become a destination for all things eCommerce, where people can come and learn everything that they need to know to start or improve their existing eCommerce business.  It will be a place where I can share my experience from over 20 years in the eCommerce industry, and hopefully make eCommerce a bit less intimidating and overwhelming to you.  eCommerce can be an opportunity for you to take control of your professional life by finally following through on that dream of entrepreneurial independence.  Or it can be an added revenue source for an existing brand or business that you already own. Maybe you are looking for skills to pursue a career in eCommerce (perhaps even to join us someday).  And we expect to provide value even for eCommerce veterans who know they can always learn a thing or two, no matter how much you’ve done over the years.  I fit into that last group, and fully expect to learn a thing or two from some of you with unique and original businesses.  This site is here to become a resource for the e-commerce community as a whole, and with you here to interact and engage with the others, I look forward to seeing the growth of what we are able to do together.

You will also be able to follow along and watch us building several eCommerce sites, both for our own projects, outsourcing eCommerce sites for our partners, and even working toward a crowd sourced eCommerce business from some of the best minds in the eComm industry who come together to build something special, with a philanthropic component so that we can make a difference in the lives of others who could use a little help in some way.

We have different levels of membership on our site, with the premium level offering access to our blog content our community forum, as well as videos, reviews and discounts to help you with various tools and software.

We also have the Virtual Director of eCommerce level which will provide you with 4 hours of my time per month (via phone, video conference, Skype, and a personal Slack channel) to help guide you on your ecommerce venture with more detailed analysis, marketing oversight and guidance, business review, mentoring / eCommerce coaching, recommendations and even motivational support (yes, it matters).  This of this as a timeshare in your own personal experienced eCommerce professional.  No need to buy the entire condo when you only need it for a few hours a month. 🙂

Finally we have the Premium Partner / Virtual VP of eCommerce level which will get you access to me directly via my cell phone, video conference, Skype, and a personal Slack channel to help guide you on your ecommerce venture with more comprehensive site / store analysis, marketing results overview, business review, mentoring / eCommerce coaching, recommendations and even help implementing the recommendations. Plus the motivational support of course. This level also includes admission to our twice / year Launch eCommerce Conference (details coming soon) if you are an active member during the month of the conference.

We also have an amazing team of people available for consulting on eCommerce projects, building sites, site analysis and assessments, managing Facebook ads, Google ads, Amazon and other marketplace management, and overall eCommerce operations.

This post is step one, and from this moment forward everything that happens on this site will be done with a few things in mind.

  1. Integrity and Honesty – Anything you read on this site will be based on my / our own experiences.  Nothing will ever be made up, and if I don’t know the answer to something, I’ll tell you – and then I’ll dig into it and research, to try to provide an answer as soon as possible. If you can’t trust us, then you shouldn’t work with us. So I’m here to help and build that trust by offering you my undivided attention to help you.
  2. Humility – You will never see the words “guru” or “expert” used on this site, nor will you ever hear me say that I’m “the world’s leading authority in eCommerce” or “greatest eCommerce whatever”.  That ties back to the honesty part, but we also know that there are people in this world like Jeff Bezos, for example, who have accomplished significantly more in the eCommerce world than I or anyone else have.  I’ve done some really cool and successful things in eCommerce over the years for some really big time brands and companies, and in 20 years, I’ve managed to learn a thing or two.  But that’s all that I am, an experienced eCommerce guy who has done a lot, working to build a community and build a business by using my knowledge and experience to provide value and be a partner you can trust.  I feel like if we focus on doing that every day, everything else will take care of itself.
  3. Hard Work – I will tell you that not many people work harder than me.  eCommerce is a passion that I have, and in my spare time away from work and my family, I’m reading up on the latest and greatest eCommerce news.  I’m the kind of guy who gets really excited by digging into Google Analytics to find a perfect customer segment to target for Facebook ads, and A/B testing different options to find a way to improve conversion rates or AOV. I am focused, dedicated and committed to your success.  But as they say, when you love what you do, it’s hard to ever say it is work. We put in the time to make your business more successful, because you are extremely important to us.  We want to be so valuable to you that you can’t afford not to be working with us.
  4. Value – I’ve mentioned this a few times now, but value is probably the most important thing to us.  We’re asking you to pay to read our content and participate in our forums, and we know that you can cancel at any time.  So it falls on us to provide information that helps you enough to make you want to continue to work with us.  If it is a little nugget of information that we share that helps you increase your AOV a little bit higher than before, or a tip to get a little better return on ad spend for your next campaign, we want to make sure that what we’re providing to you is valuable to you, both personally and professionally.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to growing this site with you.  Now, it’s time to Launch this thing. We hope you join us for the ride!

– Joe

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