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eCommerce Site Assessments from Launch Commerce


With over 20 years of eCommerce experience, and trusted by many of the most successful eCommerce retailers in the world, Launch Commerce knows exactly what drives eCommerce success – and what can prevent it.

Have us assess your site, providing a comprehensive report and guideline for marketing, conversion optimization and improving customer experience.

And with our expertise in Google Analytics, we can analyze your data to truly understand exactly what your customers are experiencing.

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eCommerce Advice Based on 20 Years of Experience

A Launch Commerce eCommerce Site Assessment is available in three different levels, ranging from a high level analysis of your store with a focus on quick wins and insightful recommendations to a comprehensive ecommerce site and analytics review and correction plan that will allow you to work with your own development team to implement the recommended short term and long term strategies at your own pace.  Finally, our Total Business Assessment package combines the comprehensive analysis and correction plan while including an assessment of your current marketing strategy and performance as well, with a separate recommendation and strategic plan delivered upon completion.

  • A comprehensive site assessment from Launch Commerce may be the best investment you can make in your business.

What Will You Learn from an Assessment?

  • Identification of conversion killers on your site that you may not even be aware of

  • Evaluation of entire end to end customer experience for your ecommerce business

  • Navigation and category analysis to improve customer experience

  • Evaluation of primary and secondary eCommerce trust factors

  • Thorough Google Analytics report interpretation to show opportunities for growth

  • Email, Paid Search, SEO and Social Marketing performance analysis

You May Be Amazed at What a Launch Commerce eCommerce Site Assessment Reveals About Your Business!

Check out how amazed this customer was when he reviewed our recommendations about how much money he’s leaving on the table every single day from easily fixable problems.

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What To Do With the Assessment Results?

All of our assessments deliver input and an actionable plan that you can implement yourself,  or give to your web developers and eCommerce staff as a prioritized task list focused on the improvements that will have the most significant positive impact first.  We also offer both technical and business services where we can implement the recommendations for you.  We would be happy to provide you an a la carte quote for each item on the list so that you can compare our pricing to others that may be able to provide the implementation of our strategic plan.

  • Basic Assessment includes end to end user experience analysis, identification of conversion blockers and opportunities to increase sales and average order value

  • Detailed Assessment and Correction Plan will cover everything in the basic plan but also provide comprehensive details regarding historical analytics data for your store, as well as advanced strategic planning recommendations

  • Comprehensive Business Assessment provides everything in the other two programs while also analyzing existing marketing campaigns, including Facebook ads, Google AdWords, SEO improvements, email marketing automation and other opportunities to improve your business

Basic Site Assessment

  • Identification of User Experience Issues and Conversion Blockers

Detailed Assessment / Correction Plan

  • Comprehensive Site Assessment including Analytics Evaluation and Detailed Correction Plan

Comprehensive Business Assessment

  • Includes everything, including full marketing assessment (Email, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, SEO)
  • Includes end to end user experience assessment

  • Identification of Conversion Blockers

  • Final report includes opportunities to increase AOV

  • Full Access to eCommerce Blog Premium Content

  • Full Access to all eCommerce Forums

  • Monthly newsletter that contains advice, pointers, discounts and more.

  • Everything in Basic Assessment, plus…

  • Comprehensive analysis of historical Google analytics data

  • Advanced strategic planning recommendations

  • Recommendations regarding potential A/B testing opportunities

  • Includes everything in Basic and Detailed Plans, plus…

  • Analyzing of existing marketing campaigns and opportunities

  • Review of Facebook ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads, with recommendations

  • Review email marketing automation / make recommendations

  • Analyze post transaction customer experience and engagement, identifying opportunities to grow