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By popular demand, we’ve decided that it was time to create and offer a comprehensive eCommerce training course for people who want to build an eCommerce business, to break free and work for themselves – but also want to build a strong, sustainable eCommerce business to last them for many years.

There are many different courses that exist out there, but after looking into it more and more, none of them seem to have ever been created by someone who has been in eCommerce for years and years at highly successful eCommerce companies that people have actually heard of.

Most of them were built by very young, inexperienced folks who may be really nice and offer good information, but basically are people who simply read up on eCommerce themselves and decided to put that information into some type of training class.  But these people could never answer any questions based on actual experience in this industry. I’ve come across too many of these people giving out bad / terrible advice (sometimes recommending things that are actually ILLEGAL!).

That is why I decided that I need to do this, and offer you experience and expertise from someone who not only knows what they are doing, but someone who has done this for their entire professional life.

None of these other “coaches” could create a class based exclusively on 20 years of actual experience in the eCommerce space, having led the eCommerce business for brands such as Harley-Davidson, DSW, The Chive, Caterpillar, Mattel, Campmor, and Rooster Teeth. I’ve been in the weeds at these places, working in every single aspect of eCommerce. I’ve been there, and I’ve done that – not just read about it or watched a video on it.

For example, many of these training courses recommend starting an eCommerce site focusing on dropshipping using a product like AliExpress or Oberlo.  That is the exact opposite of what you should be doing to create a successful, sustainable eCommerce business.  Selling items available to everyone, dropshipping them from China offers a terrible customer experience in a highly competitive space where the only people making a profit are the distributors doing the dropshipping! 95% of the people trying to do this fail (I surveyed students from one “expert’s” class). If you see a class offered from someone recommending this model, I recommend that you run – don’t walk – away from that person immediately.

We do NOT teach this model in our class at all, and I do NOT use this model for any of my own businesses.

Luckily, I will share with you the right way to build an eCommerce business that will provide you with a lifetime of opportunity, with a much higher ceiling than simply selling the same cheap trinkets from China that 1000 other people are selling to the same audience, with nothing special about you, your products, or your business.

We’re going to do exactly what I’ve done at places where I’ve built $10 million eCommerce businesses, $50 million eCommerce businesses, $100 million eCommerce businesses and even a $1 billion eCommerce businesses (Caterpillar).

Here is the outline of what our course offering will look like. As you can see, this is very different from most courses that focus only on a certain part of the business (because what they are teaching isn’t a business at all, but instead is essentially a high level affiliate program for dropshippers – except that you take on all the risk).

We will teach you how to build a business that is 100% YOURS, with dependencies that are only on you, with a mind blowing customer experience, that you can grow and eventually sell if you’d like (and yea, good luck doing that with a dropshipping site).

Intro to eCommerce
     – Types of eCommerce
     – Type of platforms
         – Shopify
         – BigCommerce
         – WooCommerce
     – Amazon and other marketplaces
Product Sourcing
     – Identifying a Product
     – Print on Demand
     – Dropshipping – Right and Wrong
     – Private Label
     – Custom Product
          – Pre-Production
          – Manufacturing Process
          – Importing from Asia
     – Tips, Places to Go, Things to Learn
eCommerce Marketing
     – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
     – Paid Search
          – Facebook Ads
          – Google AdWords
          – Retargeting
     – Amazon (A9 and Paid)
     – Email Marketing Automation
     – Abandoned Cart Recovery
     – Influencer Marketing
     – Social Media Accounts
     – Promotional Products
      – Shopify
          – Best Practices
          – Best Apps to Use
     – Other Platforms
          – BigCommerce
          – WooCommerce
User Experience / Merchandising
     – Identify Your Customer
     – Brand / Voice
     – Site Search
     – Product Imagery  (Flats, On Model, Lifestyle)
     – Calendar / Planning (sales, seasonal, etc)
     – Pricing / Sales
     – Product Descriptions / PDP
     – Collection Pages
     – About You Pages
     – Google Analytics
     – Payment Processing
     – Taxes
     – Accounting Integrations
     – Negotiating Shipping Deals
     – Shipping Your Own Products
     – Managing a 3PL
     – Amazon FBA
Customer Care
     – Response Time
     – Canned Responses
     – Customer Care Bots and How To Use Them
     – Reporting / Grouping Issues
     – Drop-Ins
     – Personalization

Plus much more!  And 24/7 access to me for any questions that you may have!

Each of these sections below will have additional components to them, including very detailed sessions on Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Email Marketing Automation, and Google Analytics!

NO other training site offers such a comprehensive program to make sure that you understand EVERY aspect of eCommerce. No other program will prepare you for sustained growth and long term success.  Comparing this to any degree program at a university, you will find NO better value for your overall personal growth and financial opportunity.

My goal is to share everything that I know and have learned over the past 20 years with you, so that you can build things like I’ve built and have career opportunities or entrepreneurial opportunities like I’ve had.  In full transparency, my current consulting billing rate is $185 / hour with the clients that I mentioned above.  The cost of lifetime access to this comprehensive eCommerce training program is equivalent to what companies pay for one day of my expertise, with one year access being less than that!

In person / group training is also available anywhere in the world – please contact me for details and pricing if interested.

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