We help make your business more profitable

Today’s consumers expect a seamless, personalized, online shopping experience via whichever device they happen to be holding. Providing an exceptional customer experience is about more than just an easy to use eCommerce site.  It is about personalization that gives each customer a unique shopping experience or merchandising the products that the customer wants at the time and in the place when they want to see them.  It’s about site search that helps consumers find the products and information they are looking for, and offering the payment and shipping options to seamlessly convert a visitor to a customer.

That is a lot of work for a company whose specialty isn’t necessarily eCommerce solutions.

Launch Commerce offers you the benefits of collaborating with a single eCommerce solution delivery expert who has been doing exactly this for nearly 20 years. Our experience working directly with the world’s leading retail brands serves as the foundation of our expertise, and provides us the ability to offer true business solutions to the partners that we work with.

So whether you are planning to replatform your current ecommerce system, build a native app to improve your mobile experience, or if this is a new eCommerce startup, our consultants will work with you to develop an eCommerce strategy and the roadmap of required tools and technologies. We will provide a detailed workflow analysis, a realistic, experience based implementation plan, and advice based on your specific business challenges.  Solving those challenges become our passion, and our experienced team helps us deliver solutions that will help you reach your goals.

As your ecommerce consulting services partner, we can help you:

  • Choose, negotiate and deploy the right eCommerce platform for your business
  • Ensure a user experience that is intuitive and drives conversions
  • Increase average order values based on our proven eCommerce best practices
  • Maximize efficiency by recommending and implementing eCommerce processes
  • Optimize transaction processing and order fulfillment
  • Manage your eCommerce marketing spend on social, paid search and SEO
  • Analyze the data and results of your past and current performance
  • Test every aspect of your eCommerce business to maximize channel revenue